My name is Adam Khafif, currently a Junior at Babson College.  I launched Lis'n Up Clothing (LSNP) my senior year of high school in 2012 with the goal of creating high quality products that resonate true with my values and beliefs, and to create a unique buying experience for the customer.  Too many purchases are finished as soon as a customer clicks "Checkout" in their Cart.  LSNP is here to change that.  

I modeled Lis'n Up Clothing after a passion of mine - music.  Our seasonal releases are called "Albums", and each design is a different "Track". Every purchase comes delivered to your doorstep in boom-box packaging.  My look-books are printed out as CD-case booklets; completing the concept and theme of LSNP.  To add to the LSNP experience, I donate 50% of my profit to a charity of the customer's choice, ensuring each purchase is personal, significant, and unique to each customer.  

I sold my first shirt in May 2012 ... to my aunt.  Since then however, the brand has come a long way; working with celebrities like Lupe Fiasco, NFL Players Hamza and Husain Abdullah, and Olympic Athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad.  LSNP was featured as number 5 on the top 10 startups to watch coming out of Babson College; the #1 school in the country for entrepreneurship.  The brand has been featured in countless online blogs and newspaper articles; all the while reinforcing the message of holding true to one's values and beliefs.  The brand has come a long way thanks to the help of the LSNP team, and we plan on continuing to make the LSNP experience one that you will be sure you tell your friends and family about.