Lisn Up donates 50% of its profit to a charity of the customer's choice. This page is dedicated to highlighting our Charity Partners and the amazing work they do, so that you can make a more informed decision at checkout!

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The average time a person spends in a refugee camp today is 26 years. And while there are currently over 20 million refugees globally, less than 1% are allowed to stay in the US and Europe each year.


Asylum Access believes it’s critical to meet refugees where they are — outside the US.  Through legal assistance, Asylum Access puts power back in refugees’ hands by providing them with the tools they need to obtain legal status in their new host country. Community Legal Empowerment programs create spaces for refugee-led groups to come together and discuss local issues, learn about their rights and learn critical skills. Asylum Access’s policy advocacy efforts create systemic changes by challenging governments around the world to recognize refugees’ rights.

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Founded by legendary rockers Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend, Teen Cancer America (TCA) raises the awareness and financial resources needed to help hospitals across America create specialized services and build state-of-the-art, 'teen focused' units that concentrate on the clinical and psychosocial needs of teens and young adults with cancer.

At a critical developmental stage in their life, TCA Cancer units deliver a venue where teen cancer patients can be medically treated with their peers. These units also include a TCA lounge where teens can escape from the harsh realities of cancer and interact with outside friends and family.


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