Lisn Up Clothing is looking for a Business Development Intern!

The term "intern" is mislead, but a formality. We are looking to add to our dedicated team. The goal is to transform this role into a full time position.

**You may work remotely for this position**

Application Details Below

Lisn Up has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Upworthy and many others for our marketing tactics, our messaging, collaborations and brand identity. Our Business Development Intern will have a hands on role in contributing to Lisn Up's mission and strategy.

As a Business Development Intern, your role includes, but is not limited to helping the CEO and Team Members:

-Revamp and update our charity partnerships

-Identify influencers in the industry to connect with

-Identify potential partners from brands, to collaborators to online retailers

-Assist the CEO and Team Members on daily functions to advance Lisn Up's mission

-Identify and contribute to business inefficiencies

Our Business Development Intern will be an active member of the Lisn Up team.

This position is for those who are truly passionate about streetwear, music and giving back to the community. We are looking for someone who believes in our mission, so please do your research on the brand before applying.

We understand the nature of internships

Along with helping Lisn Up grow, we want you to use this internship as an opportunity/platform to learn about various aspects of business/entrepreneurship to take to your next job/business.

To apply, please email and include:

-The position you are applying for (in subject header)

-Your resume

-Your favorite musician (no right or wrong answer!)

-Your favorite streetwear/lifestyle brand (no right or wrong answer, and don't say Lisn Up!)

-1 charity you would choose to work with

Please feel free to include any applicable experience, links to your work, and please include reasons why you think you are the perfect addition to the Lisn Up Team!